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Publication Manager: Muskan Garg

Volume 02 | Issue 03 | May 2016

  •  Retained Intrauterine Foetal Bones: A Review of Literature
    Anshika Lekhi, Rahul Manchanda, Sravani Chithra, Nidhi Jain
    DOI: 10.21276/ijmrp.2016.2.3.001
  •  Changing Trends in Axillary Management of Early Breast Cancer: From Radical to Conservative
    Anukriti Sood, Mansimrat Paul Singh, Raj Govind Sharma
    DOI: 10.21276/ijmrp.2016.2.3.002
  •  The Value of Danazol in the Conservative Treatment and Long-Term Control of Fibrocystic Disease of the Breast
    Bader Hamza Shirah, Hamza Assad Shirah, Wedad Salem Alonazie, Waal Nafa Aljabri
    DOI: 10.21276/ijmrp.2016.2.3.003
  •  Study of Pulmonary Tuberculosis in Diabetic and Non Diabetic Patients on DOTS Therapy
    Lalith Hanchate, Sushma Jotkar
    DOI: 10.21276/ijmrp.2016.2.3.004
  •  Seroprevalence of Scrub Typhus in a Tertiary Care Hospital of Upper Assam
    Mithu Medhi, Aparna Sonowal, Lahari Saikia, Sanjeeb Kakati, Md Ezaz Hussain
    DOI: 10.21276/ijmrp.2016.2.3.005
  •  Prevalence of Carbapenem Resistance in Gram Negative Bacilli Isolates and Their Antimicrobial Susceptibility Pattern
    Monika Saini, Aditya Mishra, Sweta Gupta
    DOI: 10.21276/ijmrp.2016.2.3.006
  •  Evaluation of Diffusion Weighted MRI Findings and ADC Values within the Solid Component According To Histological Types of Ovarian Masses
    Mukesh Mittal, Naima Mannan
    DOI: 10.21276/ijmrp.2016.2.3.007
  •  A Study of Clinical Profile of Dengue Fever in a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital Bikaner
    Murlidhar kumawat, P.K.berwal, Sarika sawami
    DOI: 10.21276/ijmrp.2016.2.3.008
  •  Failure of Ultrasound in Prenatal Diagnosis of Neural Tube Defects in Rural Sindh, Pakistan
    Pushpa Goswami, Samreen Memon, Vashdev Khimani
    DOI: 10.21276/ijmrp.2016.2.3.009
  •  Morphological Study of Superficial Palmar Arches and Their Variations
    Rakhee Yashwant Dhongade, M. S. Farooqui, R.N.Wabale
    DOI: 10.21276/ijmrp.2016.2.3.010
  •  A Study on Incidence of Adverse Drug Reaction of Anti-Tubercular Drugs in New Cases of Pulmonary Tuberculosis in a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital
    Mazher Maqusood, Farhan Ahmad Khan, Anand Swaroop
    DOI: 10.21276/ijmrp.2016.2.3.011
  •  Importance of Tubercle of Zuckerkandl in Thyroid Surgery
    Mohapatra KC, Panda G, Minz R, Patro A
    DOI: 10.21276/ijmrp.2016.2.3.012
  •  Efficacy of Intralesional 5-Fluorouracil in Treatment of Palmo-Plantar Warts
    Anukriti Srivastava, B.C. Ghiya, Prasoonsoni, Hardik Dave, Ashok Dhanwal, R.D. Mehta
    DOI: 10.21276/ijmrp.2016.2.3.013
  •  Comparative Study between Non Penetrating Glaucoma Surgery with and without Implant
    Sudhir S Pendke, Ravi A Chauhan, Rahul V Gokhale, Sanchit S Bhalgat
    DOI: 10.21276/ijmrp.2016.2.3.014
  •  Study of Prevalence of Diabetic Retinopathy in Known Cases of Type- 2 Diabetes Mellitus: Hospital Based Study
    Vinayak Damgude, Jaishree Singh, Ashok Kumar Meena
    DOI: 10.21276/ijmrp.2016.2.3.015
  •  Assessment of Humoral Immunity of Patients with ?- Thalassemia
    Huda Nsaif, Safa A. AL badri, Jassam K. Al lami, Sabah M. Jawaid
    DOI: 10.21276/ijmrp.2016.2.3.016
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