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Volume 02 | Issue 05 | September 2016

  •  Diagnosis of Medically Important Viruses: A Molecular Approach
    Konika Razdan, Varshiesh Raina, Bijendra K Bajaj
    DOI: 10.21276/ijmrp.2016.2.5.001
  •  Risk factors of Non-Communicable Diseases in India: A Systematic Review
    Dhruv Agarwal, Mukesh Shukla, Nirpal Kaur Shukla, Ram Shukla, Harinder Pal Kaur Sidhu
    DOI: 10.21276/ijmrp.2016.2.5.002
  •  In Vitro Antimicrobial Activities against Streptococcus Mutans: A Comparative Study of Green Versus Black Tea Extracts and 0.2% Chlorhexidine and Fluoride
    Najmeh Akhlaghi, Maryam Mehnati, Maryam Haji Ahmadi
    DOI: 10.21276/ijmrp.2016.2.5.003
  •  Perceptions Towards Evidence Based Medicine and Implementation Obstacles at Primary Care Clinics, King Fahd Armed Forces Hospital, Jeddah City, Saudi Arabia, 2013
    Nayef A. Aljohani, Noha A. Dashash
    DOI: 10.21276/ijmrp.2016.2.5.004
  •  Detection of HPV DNA Using MY09/MY11 and G5/G6 Primer Sets in HIV Positive Patients with Positive Linear Array Genotype Assay Results
    Vinay. P. S, Chidanand Patil, Mahantesh Nagmoti, Anita Dalal, Shivalingappa Javali
    DOI: 10.21276/ijmrp.2016.2.5.005
  •  Serum Copper Levels in Different Stages of Cervical Cancer in Manipur
    Davina Hijam, Abhishek Dubey, Victoria Laishram, L. Jaichand, ThIbetombi Devi
    DOI: 10.21276/ijmrp.2016.2.5.006
  •  Prognostic Factors in Intracerebral Hemorrhage: A Hospital Based Prospective Study
    Debabrata Goswami, Tribeni Sharma, Chandra Kr. Das, Basabendra Choudhury, Rajeev Bharadwaj
    DOI: 10.21276/ijmrp.2016.2.5.007
  •  The Frequency of Pterygium and Dry Eye in Chronic Cement Exposure: A Clinical Case-Control Study
    Ali Abdullah Taqi, Omar O. Abdullah
    DOI: 10.21276/ijmrp.2016.2.5.008
  •  Variety and Incidence of Cutaneous Adverse Drug Reactions in a UAE Hospital
    Hemant Kumar Garg, Lisha Jenny John, Irene Nirmala Thomas, Jaya kumary Muttappallymyalil, Wesam Kadhum, Jayadevan Sreedharan
    DOI: 10.21276/ijmrp.2016.2.5.009
  •  Comparative Study of Tramadol with That of Butorphanol for the Control of Shivering in Patients Undergoing Neuraxial Blockade
    Sheikh Mustak Ali, Manjubala Acharya
    DOI: 10.21276/ijmrp.2016.2.5.010
  •  Study of Quality of Life, Anxiety and Depression among Cancer Survivors at a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital
    Ravindra Kumar Bansal, Sunil Kumar Pawar, Vinay Sharma
    DOI: 10.21276/ijmrp.2016.2.5.011
  •  To Study the Effects of Intravenous Dexmedetomidine on Characteristics of Subarachnoid Block Using Hyperbaric Bupivacaine in Lower Limb Orthopaedic Surgery
    Nandita Kad, Deepika Dhoundiyal, Mangal Ahlawat, Anju Ghai, Vineet Kumar
    DOI: 10.21276/ijmrp.2016.2.5.012
  •  Effect of Administration of Metformin on Lipid Profile in Patients with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome after Six Months of Treatment
    Rachna Mehandiratta, Purnima Jindal, Vikrom Takkar, Preeti Takkar Kapila, Rajiv Kapila
    DOI: 10.21276/ijmrp.2016.2.5.013
  •  Rural and Urban Differences in MDA Coverage for Filariasis in Jharsuguda District of Odisha
    Durga Madhab Satapathy, Subrat Kumar Pradhan, Himanshu Prasad Acharya, Udayan Nayak, Sandeep Kumar Agrawal, Gitismita Naik, Upasana Sinha
    DOI: 10.21276/ijmrp.2016.2.5.014
  •  Exploring Factors Influencing Perinatal Outcomes among Adolescent Pregnancies in Northern Ghana-The Case of Kassena-Nankana Municipality in the Upper East Region.
    Matthew Naakiyab Laari, Alexander Suuk Laar
    DOI: 10.21276/ijmrp.2016.2.5.015
  •  Assessment of Plain and Hyperbaric Solutions of Ropivacaine in Patients Receiving Spinal Anaesthesia for Elective Surgeries: A Comparative Study
    Ajay Batra
    DOI: 10.21276/ijmrp.2016.2.5.016
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