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Publication Manager: Muskan Garg

Volume 02 | Issue 04 | July 2016

  •  Rituximab Treatment in New and Refractory Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (TTP) Patients: A Review
    S P Bhat, S Z Rahman
    DOI: 10.21276/ijmrp.2016.2.4.001
  •  Association of Placental Localization at 16-24 Week and Pregnancy Outcome
    Pooja Jaisal, Duleep Bhonsale
    DOI: 10.21276/ijmrp.2016.2.4.002
  •  Effect of Persistent Reinforcement of Behavioral and Pharmacological Intervention in Diabetics of Lower Socioeconomic Urban Population
    Anupam Dutta, Prasanta Dihingia, Ajit Kumar Pegu, Priyam Goswami, Mahendra Debbarma, Harsh Vardhan, Mitraa Shyam
    DOI: 10.21276/ijmrp.2016.2.4.003
  •  Role of Adjunctive L-Methylfolate with Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor in Depressed Patients at a Tertiary Care Centre
    Ravindra Kumar Bansal, Sunil Kumar Pawar, Vinay Sharma
    DOI: 10.21276/ijmrp.2016.2.4.004
  •  A Correlative Study of Serum Homocysteine with Serum Lipid Profile in Young Adult Hypertensive Patients in Indian Population
    Sarla Mahawar, Deepa Thadani, Aradhana Jatwa, GG Kaushik, Rashmi Ranka
    DOI: 10.21276/ijmrp.2016.2.4.005
  •  Role of Benzydamine in Radiation-Induced Oral Mucositis in Head and Neck Cancer Patients
    Diwan A K, Meshram S D
    DOI: 10.21276/ijmrp.2016.2.4.006
  •  Functional Outcome and Patient Satisfaction after LASIK for Correction of Myopia: A Clinical Study
    Ali Abdullah Taqi, Diar Hadi Saeed
    DOI: 10.21276/ijmrp.2016.2.4.007
  •  A Comparative Study of Vitamin D Levels in Adult Asthma as Compared to Normal Controls in Patients Attending Tertiary Care Hospital in Faridkot
    Jasmeet Singh, KMDS Panag, Gitanjali, Anil Batta, SK Bansal, Vimal
    DOI: 10.21276/ijmrp.2016.2.4.008
  •  Granulomatous Lesions: A Diagnostic Challenge To Dermatopathologists
    Karuna Gupta, Anita Kumari, Kalpana Mangal
    DOI: 10.21276/ijmrp.2016.2.4.009
  •  Nasotracheal Intubation Using Two Laryngoscope Blades Truview and Mccoy: A Comparative Study to Evaluate a Videolaryngoscope for Cases of Orofacial Malignancies
    Patil Archita R, Sahni Saloni C, Patil Rajaram S, Thakkar Veer
    DOI: 10.21276/ijmrp.2016.2.4.010
  •  Low Circulating Vaspin Level is not associated with Insulinemic Status in Impaired Glucose Tolerant Subjects
    Shahnaj Begum, Shoma Hayat, Md. Masudul Hasan Khan, Muhammad Saiedullah, Md. Omar Faruque, Zahid Hassan, Liaquat Ali
    DOI: 10.21276/ijmrp.2016.2.4.011
  •  A Study of Aberrant Phenotypes in Acute Leukemia by Flowcytometry
    Nitumani Khakhlari, Bibhash Gogoi, Abhinanda Barua, Vishal Agarwal, Gayatri Gogoi
    DOI: 10.21276/ijmrp.2016.2.4.012
  •  Amniotic Fluid Index: An Important Indicator of Perinatal outcome
    Jyoti Malik, PinkiRai, Ashima, Sibadatta Das
    DOI: 10.21276/ijmrp.2016.2.4.013
  •  Accuracy of Ultrasound Determination of Estimated Fetal Weight in Small for Gestational Age Pregnancies
    Manoj Kumar Malhotra, Deepali Jain
    DOI: 10.21276/ijmrp.2016.2.4.014
  •  Effects of the Carbon Tetra Chloride on the Body Weight and Ovaries, Uterus, Testes of the Rabbit
    Rasha Noori Abid AL Shammary
    DOI: 10.21276/ijmrp.2016.2.4.015
  •  Routine Laboratory Investigations in Children Presenting with Febrile Seizures
    Pawan Kumar, Vishal Garg, Vinay Sharma
    DOI: 10.21276/ijmrp.2016.2.4.016
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